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10 Tips for Successfully Completing an Online School

JobsinCareer 22 August, 2018

Before enrolling with an online school, make sure the school is accredited. Then start preparing yourself for succeeding as an online university student by.

Rearranging your priorities

Set aside at least one to two hours each day for doing nothing but coursework. Depending on your major, you may need to prioritize more time to complete homework.

Purchasing all necessary textbooks, software and supplies before starting the semester

Waiting until the last minute to order textbooks could interfere with submitting assignments on time.

Getting your finances in order

If you don't qualify for a Pell grant, make sure you are financially stable enough to pay for online school.

Doing all assignments and submitting them on time

Keep a student planner detailing when assignments are due. Log in every day, ask questions and contribute to your classroom message board.

Having a good computer on hand

You will also need high speed internet access since dial-up internet service will not support online class platforms. Accessing distance learning courses requires newer operating systems, one Ghz/CPU and at least 500 MB RAM

Being computer proficient

Most online schools recommend students know how to save documents in a file, use word processors, upload assignments and send attachments.

Exploring several majors before deciding on one major

Changing majors could extend the time it takes to receive your degree.

Finding out if your online college has a job placement program.

Job placement programs assist students with finding employment following graduation. Some schools are affiliated with businesses that hire graduates of that particular school.

Tell everyone you won't available as much as you were before enrolling in distance learning classes

Telling everyone about your changing priorities may make them less inclined to intrude during your study sessions.

Create a quiet, comfortable study area that is free from distractions

Remove distractions, install window blinds so you won't be tempted to gaze out the window and place all your supplies in the desk you will be using for studying.