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How to Stand Out in the Midst of Massive Unemployment

JobsinCareer 22 May, 2020

 NBC reports that the national unemployment rate is currently 14.7 percent. It is currently the worst it has been since the height of the Great Depression when those numbers grew to 24.9 percent of the American workforce. The numbers are alarming and may be disheartening to those in search of employment. However, there are things you can do to make yourself more attractive to potential employers – even in the midst of widespread unemployment spurred by COVID-19.

Display Your Remote Working Skills

You want skills like teleworking, self-motivating, works well independently, and skills with platforms like Zoom, Skype, etc. to be prominently featured on your resume. Doing this will help employers who are weary of telework and the effect it is having on their bottom lines take notice. It also helps “bots” who crawl resumes for appropriate terms make sure your resume is seen by human eyes that make hiring decisions.

Go to the Source

Rather than filling out countless applications and sending in resumes until your eyes bleed (or in addition to doing these things for even better results), consider updating your LinkedIn profile to include the same keywords and phrases mentioned above. Additionally, take the time to address gaps in your resume, let people know you’re in the market for employment, and writing career-related articles and pieces to help identify you as an authority in your field.

Break Out Your Little Black Book and Network

While you can no longer get out there and pound the flesh with network luncheon meetings, you can touch base with heavy hitters in your industry to see if anyone knows of an organization that is hiring. You have no resources more important than your network to help you land the important jobs in difficult times like these.

COVID-19 may be putting a bit of a dent in the way you might otherwise search for a job. That doesn’t mean you don’t have plenty of options to stand out and shine in your job search efforts despite massive national unemployment.