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Tactics to (Really) Get the Promotion You Deserve!

JobsinCareer 24 October, 2018

Have you been passed over for a promotion too many times to count? Do you watch idly while all the people you’ve come up with go higher in their careers while you stay at the same level? It’s possible that you aren’t taking the proper steps when it comes to getting a promotion. Here are four tactics to really get the promotion you so richly deserve!

1. Ask For It

It sounds obvious, but a lot of people don’t realize they have to speak up about their desire for a promotion. If you stay silent, your bosses can only guess as to what your true career aspirations are. Make it very clear that you are in it for the long haul. Every time a review comes up, ask about the possibility of a promotion. Talk about the future, when you might be in a higher management position. In essence, leave no doubt that you are very eager to get a promotion.

2. Be The First to Recognize a New Opportunity

Many times, promotions happen because an older employee is retiring or moving to another company. Be on the lookout for opportunities like this. You need to recognize when a new opening might occur in order to be first in line on the candidate list to fill empty job roles.

3. Always Do More

If you’re always doing more than your current job requires, your bosses will me more likely to automatically see you in a higher position. Whenever possible, take on added responsibilities, especially when they include supervising others. If your manager asks for a volunteer to lead a new team project, be the first to raise your hand, The more proof you can offer that you already know how to lead others, the more likely you’ll be considered for the next promotion that becomes available.

4. Dress the Part

As superficial as it may seem, how you dress plays a big impact on how you’re perceived at work. Even if the office attire is more casual, try to dress in the manner of the supervisors. This will help your reputation as a born leader.

These four tactics for how to really get the promotion you deserve will work great when you follow all four of them. Good luck!