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Take Advantage of the Gig Economy Job Searching

JobsinCareer 13 April, 2018

Grab Gigs with Your Smartphone and Start Earning

The age of the gig economy has brought more options for the temporarily unemployed than ever before. Characterized by companies like Uber, Lyft, Fiverr, AirBnB, TaskRabbit and Instacart, in many cases these jobs allow you to hit the ground running and start making money very quickly.

The work offered is geared toward freelancers and independent contractors as well as opportunities to make passive income selling a product or renting out space in your home.

Not surprisingly, this business model is surging in popularity. Those who participate love the flexibility of the work. In many cases, they can run their business through their smartphone after downloading an app provided by the employer.

Schedule Gigs Around Your Job Search Schedule

Many people make their entire income through the gig economy, working for multiple outlets or just one. However, the majority of workers are part-time for a variety of reasons.

As you can see, picking up a gig or two while searching for your full time dream job can be extremely helpful. You’ll still have the flexibility to work around the time you need to devote to job searching, networking and going to interviews. However, you’ll also be able to earn money during your hiatus from full time employment.

Explore a New Skill, Talent or Interest

Many of these gigs require just basic skills that just about everyone already has, such as driving a car. However, there are also freelance gigs for those who have interest or proficiency in graphic design, appliance repair, video editing, and much more.

If you’re between jobs and stressing about bills, consider trying out the gig economy. You’re only required to commit to one gig at a time, so there’s tremendous flexibility every step of the way. And who knows; you may enjoy it so much you’ll dive into the gig economy full time!