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What Your Appearance Says to Employers

JobsinCareer 11 February, 2017

Once your job search has reached the interview stage, there are a lot of additional things your should consider in order to help you land the job you want and need. Your physical appearance is one such consideration.

Why Appearance Matters

Although it may not always seem fair, the fact is that people do often judge a book by its cover, and this is especially true in the job market and in the work force. Customers, clients, co workers and employers will judge employees bases on how they present themselves. The reason for this is because, although your appearance can not tell people everything about you, it can give them clues as to what kind of person you are, and therefore what kind of employee you are.


Most people take their personal hygiene very seriously, however, others are a little bit more laid back about it. If you are the type that is more laid back, you should consider that taking the extra step to groom yourself in a way that is acceptable to others is a small price to pay for possibly getting a great new job. Smelling and appearing fresh and groomed shows potential employers that you at least care about yourself and will likely care about your job.


People like to use clothing in order to express their own personalities. This can be done while still at the same time looking professional. When you are about to enter a job interview, you want your clothing to reflect that of the company. If you have a chance to visit the place of business a few days before your interview, perhaps you can take note of how others are dressed or whether the atmosphere of the business is more formal or more laid back. This can help you to reflect that in the way you dress the day of your job interview.